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TYR550-S4-12201250-Endmills for roughing application
Suitable for roughing of steels&cast iron(≤55HRC); Special chip-breaking cutting edge design,for roughing applications; AlCrSiN Coating;
HAL-S3-08240860-super bright aluminum processing series
Applicable to aluminum alloy material efficient ultra-bright processing. Variable helix angle and differential flute pitch,reduces and eliminates vibration. Applicable for high efficiency machining at large cutting depth(ap),large cutting width(ae),high
MM-BN2-010220462-R0.5(L1=12)-2 Fule ballnose,miniature sizes with neck
Suitable for pocket milling of stees&cast iron(≤55HRC). Longer neck design,prevents collisons with workpiece duringdeep pocket milling of mold rib areas. Suitable for oil cooling;
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